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Trivulsian Rule

Manuscript preserved in the Trivulsian Library in Milan



The oldest version of the Rule is the manuscript of the Trivulsian Library of Milan, entitled: Regula della Compagnia de Santa Orsola.
Paper manuscript with a parchment cover; 19.8 x 13.6 cm. Two blank folios plus 2 sections, each with 8 folios, thereby making a total of 36 pages. The first 4 pages and the sixth are blank. It is catalogued: codice 367, scaff.le n. 82, palch.to n.2.
On page 5 is the title and on pp. 7-13 there is a dedication al lettore. The index (Indice delli capittoli della regola) is on p. 14. On p. 15 (that is, on the double p. 1 on the right hand side, according to the original numbering with the number put at the top of each right hand page, starting with the first page) is the beginning of the text of the Rule. The "ex libris" on the cover carries the library coat-of-arms and the catalogue number. On the first blank sheet a small leaf r-v (15.7x9.3 cm) is attached with some notes of explanation, written in two different hands.
"This Regola is divided into a Prologue and 11 chapters.... [so was] the handwritten Rule which was sent to Rome for the Process of Canonization and which is described in the Summarium Additionale..."
Because of some particulars of the codex, we can likely date this manuscript after December 11, 1545.


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