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Between Conciliar and postconciliar periods: the religious life of women after Trent

Ezio Bolis

Fotografia Ezio Bolis


This contribution sheds light on the main aspects of women's religious life at the time of the Council of Trent and during its implementation. After referring to some elements of monastic institutions before the Council and showing the provisions adopted by the Council for the reform of women's religious life, we focus on the spiritual practices followed by nuns, on the sources of their formation, on the models of holiness proposed for them, on the practices and the means used to reach their ideals, on their community life, on the virtues which sum up their ascetical development, and on their relationship with the Church and with the world. A fascinating portrait ensues, which demolishes the prevailing stereotype, according to which the nun was a woman trapped between the despotism of oppressive family choices and the tepidity of empty Christian practices, dominated by formalism and superstition.

27 giugno 2014