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Cleveland Ursulines Elect New Leadership Team

The Cleveland Ursulines have elected a leadership team to serve through 2020

Fotografia Cleveland Team


Sister Susan Durkin was re-elected President. Sisters Susan Bremer and Kathleen Flanagan were also elected to a second consecutive term as councilors. New to the team are Sisters Joanne Gross and Laura Bregar. Their term begins June 4.
Prior to her election in 2012, Sister Susan Durkin had served six years as the Ursulines' Development Director. Between and during her previous three terms in office, Sister Susan Bremer ministered in the Development Office and as pastoral care coordinator in the congregation's health care center. Sister Kathleen taught in the nursing program at Ursuline College. A lawyer by training and experience, Sister Joanne comes to leadership with experience in corporate, educational, government, and non-profit settings. Sister Laura, serving in the Development Office, brings experience from service in elementary school administration.

photo: (l-r) Susan Bremer, Susan Durkin, Kathleen Flanagan, Laura Bregar and Joanne Gross

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