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Orsoline America del Nord
New Leadership Company of St. Ursula of Canada

Réjeanne Leduc was elected directress of the Company of Canada at the assembly held in Quebec in August.



Thérèse Bolduc is the new vice-directress. Gertrude Guimond was elected councilor.
The Company of Canada includes six members in the Quebec area, one Haitian, and five members in the Group of the USA.
FOTO: Newly elected leaders of the Company of St. Ursula of Canada with Jacqueline Morin, who began this Company, and Fr. Claude Hould, OMI, the Company’s ecclesiastical assistant. From left: Gertrude Guimond, Réjeanne Leduc, Jacqueline Morin, Thérèse Bolduc, and Fr. Claude Hould.

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