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Orsoline America del Nord

We, the Ursuline Sisters have designed a new logo on the occasion of the bicentennial celebration of our foundation by Father John Lambertz, in Tildonk, Belgium



The logo exudes the jubilation that overflows from us in our mission, as we look with confidence and hope towards the future.
Each part of the logo has a meaning. The large letter ā€œUā€ stands for Ursuline. The open book inside the ā€œUā€ represents our history, from the foundation in 1818 until the present. The colors express our unity in diversity.
A glowing heart burns with the fire of love to portray our gratitude for what our Congregation has been in the past and is in the present. The leafy green tree opens wide, symbolizing a new flourishing of the charism, spirit, and fire of Fr. Lambertz, to be rekindled anew in our
time. Its stem is intertwined with a cross showing a symbolic figure of Christ hanging on the tree of life. The circular shape signifies unity and wholeness; it invites the observer to step inside.
The congregation launched its centennial observances on April 30. The year of renewal and study will culminate on April 30, 2018, the 200th anniversary of the day when the first three Ursulines of Tildonk pronounced their vows.

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