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Orsoline America del Nord
Activism Against Assault Weapons

Sr. Valerie Heinonen, OSU (Tildonk USA Province) helped persuade Dick’s Sporting Goods' executives to stop carrying assault weapons and take other measures to promote gun safety.



Sr. Valerie met with the company’s executives in January after filing a shareholder resolution in December 2017 asking the Board of Directors to impose strict gun safety rules of their own.
"With Dick's we have achieved our goal: engage gun manufacturers and retailers regarding the positive role they can play in ending the epidemic of gun violence," according to Sr. Valerie. "But we didn't know that they would follow through to this extent," she added in an interview on CNBC.
Sr. Valerie's work in shareholder activism has pursued issues related to human trafficking of women and children, protection of the rights of indigenous persons and immigrants, fair treatment of workers, effects of weapons and militarism, environmental and human impacts of chemicals, and fair and equitable access to capital.
She currently leads shareholder activism for Mercy Investment Services.

link Link: Dick's Sporting Goods decided on assault-rifle ban after student protests and a meeting with nuns

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