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Orsoline della Congregazione di Tildonk
The Ursuline Lace School

The Ursulines of Tildonk in Ranchi, India, took responsibility for a school founded by the Loreto Sisters of Calcutta in 1890.



They began educating women and children, conducting literacy programmes, running a dispensary to teach hygiene, and giving good health care. The first 27 women in the Ursuline Lace School (1906) learned cutting, tailoring, embroidery and faith formation. They gained a sense of equality and recognition besides earning a livelihood.
Demand for their products has increased, attracting visitors from afar and inspiring exhibitions of their works.
Skilled graduates have left the Lace School and started businesses in their own homes. The 30 women now in training work mostly on embroidery, church linens and Mass vestments. The selfless and untiring effort of the Sisters makes this possible.
The Lace School gives women the skills and confidence to stand on their own feet, to earn a livelihood and support themselves and their families. Sr. Rosa Jhori is in charge, assisted by Sr. Regina Minj.

Sr. Matilda Dungdung, OSU Ranchi Province

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