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The precious document is kept in the Museum of the Ursuline Sisters
of the Immaculate Virgin Mary

Print: Bortolo Tramonto, Venice 1667
Dimensions: 23 x 32 cm
Number of pages: 28
Place: Gandino (Bergamo), Museum of the Ursuline Sisters of the Immaculate Virgin Mary

The ceremonial belonged to the Company of Saint Ursula in Clusone (Bergamo), where the company had already been present since 1622 and where it was transformed into the community of "Dimesse Ursulines" in 1696.
It was used for the ceremony of taking the veil and for profession till 1811, when this house was suppressed by Napoleonic laws.
On 21st February 1821 a former Ursuline of Clusone, Teresa Uccelli, presented Don Francesco della Madonna (Parish priest of Gandino) with this ceremonial; this priest had founded the "Saint Ursula Boarding School" in his parish in 1818.
On the last page of the ceremonial there is the founder's autographic writing, where he stated he had received it as a gift and where he promised he would give it back to the Uccellis if the group could be re-established in Clusone, which did not occur.
It was used by the Ursulines of Gandino till the end of the XIXth century for the ceremonies of taking the veil and for professions, with the modifications necessary to the nature of a religious institute with simple vows.
Now the ceremonial is in the Ursulines' museum in Gandino.

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