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Ursulines of North America
Ursulines of Cleveland (USA)




Ursuline Educational Center
2600 Lander Rd.
Pepper Pike, OH 44124
Tel: 440-449-1200
Fax: 440-449-3588
The Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland believe that our mission is that of “transforming society through contemplation, justice and compassion.” We serve in the Greater Cleveland area of Northeast Ohio and beyond as called by the Spirit of God. We are committed to a communal story worthy of our calling – a future full of hope. Boldly, we strive to serve God’s people with a vibrant faith.
Our ministries are as varied as the sisters who serve in them. We know that where there is one Ursuline sister, we all are present. Whether a sister is educating people with job skills in the city of Cleveland or visiting the elderly or ministering to the dying through various hospice and senior-living sites, we know that every one of us is with her in spirit.
Sisters also serve in the following ministries:
Our sponsored institutions were founded by us and are now independently incorporated. Each of them carries our charism. Ursuline College in Pepper Pike serves local students seeking undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as hosting international students. Beaumont School welcomes young women from many counties and provides them with a college-preparatory education. Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School is co-sponsored with the Marianists and offers a comprehensive education. Urban Community School welcomes pre-school through middle school students, serving families from the near west side of Cleveland and beyond.
We also have Ursuline ministries that have been founded by the congregation or individual sisters, some of which are subsidized as needed. These include Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Career & Transition Counseling, Holistic Psychotherapy, the Ursuline Institute of Learning, Ursuline ArtSpace Studios, Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling, Mindfulness Meditation, Retreats and Training, Ursuline Piazza HIV/AIDS Services. Additionally, Esperanza Threads respects the environment and workers by using organic materials in a just work setting. It is also intended as a job-training ministry, teaching others to sew and thus providing them with a marketable skill.
Our sisters all take a fourth vow of service in Christian education for the church. All sisters live this commitment in their ministry, some of them specifically in school settings as teachers, administrators and tutors but also in those areas listed above as well as in hospitals, libraries, child care, low-income housing, shelters and outreach centers, home health care, senior housing, parish ministry, and spiritual guidance and formation.

The Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland have worked in the Diocese of Cleveland since 1850, when Bishop Amadeus Rappe, who knew of the sisters from his work in France, invited the community to send sisters to help form children and families in northeast Ohio. Under the direction of our Cleveland foundress, Mother Mary of the Annunciation Beaumont, sisters and a laywoman from Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. Within weeks of arriving on the shores of the United States, they opened a day school for students.
Our sisters have faithfully served the people of God in the Cleveland diocese and throughout the United States. We were instrumental in creating the parochial school system in our area while also responding to other needs as they arose. For example, sisters ministered during the great flu epidemic of the early 20th century and responded to the call to missionary service in El Salvador in the middle of the century. In light of Vatican II, sisters have responded to the needs of the times as social workers, lawyers, and pastoral ministers and in a variety of professions.
Proudly our history includes a corporate stance against the death penalty and for the closing of the School of the Americas in response to the tragic murders of our Sister Joanne Marie Mascha in Pepper Pike and Sister Dorothy Kazel in El Salvador. Ongoing work for justice and peace in all of our ministries is an integral part of our mission.
Lay men and women have joined us in our charism through an associate program in the past and a Mission and Heritage Commission in the present as well as in Angela Circles that function all over the greater Cleveland area.

Countries where the congregation is present

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