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Holy people  

Holy people
Venerable Lucia Mangano (1896-1946)
Company of Saint Ursula, Secular Institute of Saint Angela Merici, Federation
Lucia Mangano was born in Trecastagni (CT) on April 8, 1896, the fourth of nine children.
Her father Nunzio and her mother Giuseppina Sapienza were poor peasants, but of deep goodness and God-fearing. Soon the young Lucia was taken to the countryside, where her father worked in a big vineyard and olive-grove. From childhood she received special favors from God. When she was a little girl, she loved listening to her mother tell the story of Jesus’ Passion. She often meditated on it, desiring and trying to imitate Him in His sufferings.
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Holy people
Blessed Caterina Cittadini (1801-1875), founder
Ursulines of Saint Girolamo in Somasca
Caterina Cittadini was born in Bergamo on September 28, 1801, and died in Somasca on May 5, 1857. Her father was Giovanni Battista and her mother was Margherita Lanzani.
Her life can be divided into three periods: the first period includes her childhood and youth in Bergamo; the second includes her activity at the public primary school and at the Boarding School of Somasca; the third includes the foundation of the Institute of the Ursulines of Somasca and extends to her death.
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Holy people
The Venerable sisters Elisabetta and Maddalena Girelli, Refounders
Company of Saint Ursula of Brescia
“Where the saints go, God goes with them
And their charity is like a heavenly scent which attracts and comforts”. (Elisabetta Girelli)

“I felt my heart set on fire with zeal:
let’s love, let’s love God who is Love; let’s become saints!” (Maddalena Girelli)
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Holy people
Servant of God GIOVANNA MENEGHINI, foundress
Ursulines of the Sacred Heart of Mary, Vicenza
Giovanna Medeghini, the foundress of the Ursulines of the Sacred Heart of Mary, was born on May 23, 1868, in Bolzano Vicentino, while her parents, inhabitants of Grigno in Trentino, then Austrian territory, were returning home with the flock. She came to Breganze, in the province of Vicenza, where she lived with her uncle and aunt Baggio. In Breganze she lived, developed as a person and as a Christian, and chose her vocation. From early in life, with her humble roots, she developed a personality singularly endowed with distinction and intelligence, with spiritual goodness and deep religiosity, without having had opportunities for study Leggi »»

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Mother Ignazia Isacchi and Mother Margherita Lussana: notwithstanding their two different life experiences, as a result of their identical responses to their common vocation to consecrated life, Divine Providence caused them to meet. Then Providence guided them on a path of mutual support; along the way that support was transformed into a communion of affection, of thoughts, of aims, and of works that originated first in the Heart of Jesus and found there the ultimate perfection of that very vocation Leggi »»

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On 27th Aprile 1991 in the Church of Saint Alessandro della Croce, the Bishop of Bergamo, Monsignor Giulio Oggioni solemnly opened the diocesan enquirt about the cause of the canonization of the servants of God, sisters Gesuina Seghezzi and Dositea Bottani of the Institute of the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Immaculate Virgin Mary. The diocesan phase ended on 14th December 1991, now the Positio super vita et virtutibus of the two nuns is being elaborated in the Congregation of the Saints’ Causes.
The two causes started together because the two nuns’ sanctity lives, shared for many years at the service of the Institute and of the Church, are a great prophetic witness for us today.
They lived in deep syntony, though they had two very different personalities: Sister Gesuina was very linked to good traditions and she was very austere; sister Dositea was open to novelties and free in the law of love.
Their very diversity, capable of a serene and constructive dialogue with history and culture, enabled the Institute of the Ursuline of the Immaculate Virgin Mary to open with enthusiasm to the novelty of Concilio Vaticano II, prophetically anticipating its new contents.
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